Listen To This

September 29, 2016 Entrebel Wisconsin

Feeling like there’s so much shit out there that I’ve already consumed. “The internet is not that deep”…I’ve been feeling that way lately. So have some of my friends.  You’ve probably done it.  And what’s weird, is when I think about my childhood and the toys we played with, the books we read, the shows we watched, these were all collectively shared by people my age.  There is a sense of community around these things.  I go to antique shops and see some of these token commodities and think, what will that look like for my kids?

There’s just infinitely more shit out there now - and I say “shit” because it needs to be crass and profane.  It’s worse than garbage and toxic like feces.  So, I don’t even worry about things like, duplicate gifts at birthdays or saving precious books, blankets, toys etc. It seems that there aren’t these valuable keepsake type items to really grab on and hold on to.  Nothing that really defines the time because this “time” is so fragmented and diluted.  

I’m trying to apply this to what’s happened in media.  I have found myself getting so discouraged about what’s out there that’s new, interesting, or just really great.  I am equally discouraged by how vast the internet is and how it is possible to think I’ve uncovered every last bit of it - which is completely absurd, I’m aware.    

But once in awhile, I hear/read/see/feel something and I quickly realize there is so much incredible stuff out there. In his book, Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon tells us that if you enjoy somebody’s work, learn everything you can about them.  Find out who their influencers are and read about each one of them and so on and so forth sending you down this rabbit hole of information and discovery.  Chances are, if you’re really inspired by someone, you’re going to dig the work they’ve put out there. And it’s all for you. Enjoy it.

And it’s all for you.  Enjoy it.

Which brings me to my next point.  I say this, but I find myself in a vicious cycle of the aforementioned false lack of inspiring stuff.  I feel an obligation, no a responsibility to people like me.  I want to share with you, what’s been inspiring me lately and hopefully you’ll be into it.  I’ll just keep getting it out there.  Maybe we can all get back to enjoying people and real, authentic, “pulls at your guts” human stuff.

So I’m starting a series.  Listen To This, will inform those who maybe want to be entertained and possibly informed by my take on what’s important to do while we are all here together consuming (whether we like it or not) a lot of mediocre shit and hoping to stumble across something better.  

Today’s Take Away: Read Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon It’s a quick read and a great household ornament.  Do it.  More things in your life will start to make sense. Also, buy this t-shirt. It's great.