T-Shirts? Really?

June 07, 2016 Entrebel Wisconsin

“Not everybody will get it. People will misinterpret you and what you do. They might even call you names. So get comfortable with being misunderstood, disparaged, or ignored -- the trick is to be too busy doing your work to care.”

-Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

I’ve always loved T-shirts.  Not just buying and wearing them, but gifting them to other people.  I also really enjoy thinking of T-shirt ideas in my head; funny quips, word puzzles, quotes, cool patterns, etc.  I converted a few of my ideas to T-shirts for myself and gifted several to friends.  These were cheaper T-shirts found in fabric stores with basic iron on decals or DIY design and print-iron transfer paper.  It took forever to create designs, and it didn’t work that well.  I often found that when I was finished, I had dedicated hours to a less than mediocre product.  Labor of love?

I kept pushing back this T-shirt idea b/c I had a college degree in communications and media.  I figured I should pursue a job that would help to build my career.  I struggled with the constant nagging thoughts saying I should look for some job in corporate America, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I most likely would be job seeking again after 3 years of office-life doldrums. 

When I realized I was wasting my days looking for jobs I would never feel passionate about, I decided to start learning more about e-commerce, design, fabric and printing in my "spare time."  I am pursing something I’ve never stopped thinking about, but never seriously considered as a profession.  I’m having a blast.  I’ve made exactly no dollars.  But, I’m learning a ton and figuring out this whole thang as best I can.  Incredible how much you can learn in two weeks and realize that you basically know less than when you started.  Back to work!

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